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What is KFTF?

Much of our lives is spent in the finding of things. Find a house or a car that's just right for you. Find your dream job. Or your dream mate. But, once found, what then?

As with other things, so it is with our information. Finding is just the first step. How do we keep this information so that it's there later when we need it? How do we organize it in ways that make sense for us in the lives we want to lead? Information found does us little good if we misplace it or forget to use it. And just as we must maintain a house or a car, we need to maintain our information - backing it up, archiving or deleting old information, updating information that is no longer accurate. In our digital world, advances in technologies of search and storage have far outpaced balancing advances in tools and techniques that help us to manage and make sense of our information. This project combines fieldwork with selective prototyping in an effort to understand what is needed for us to "keep found things found."


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Selected Press and Presentations

Drexel University talk on XooML in support of a vision for PIM, April 6, 2010. Many tools in support of one unifying organization of personal information.

Yahoo-sponsored talk at MIT, May 5th, 2009. Putting Our Digital Information in Its Place: Lessons Learned from Fieldwork and Prototyping in the Keeping Found Things Found Project.

7th Space Interactive, December 17, 2008, What does it take to make New Year's resolutions a reality?

The Seattle Times, February 15, 2005, UW ponders how to best store and retrieve electronic information

The New York Times, January 22, 2004, WHAT'S NEXT; Now Where Was I? New Ways to Revisit Web Sites