Before you begin the download, please be sure your computer meets the following requirements:

 - Windows XP/Vista/7
 - Office 2007
 - Recommended: Outlook 2007

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Planz User Manual:
- Quick Start
- Lesson 1
- Lesson 2
- Lesson 3
- Lesson 4
- Lesson 5
- Lesson 6
- Tips
- Operations

Planz 7.2 release notes













The Personal Project Planner (Planz for short) is beta software with several known issues and likely many others (as in “bugs”) that remain to be discovered. Thus far, no problems with Planz have resulted in data loss. However, since the possibility of data loss can never be ruled out completely, you are strongly encouraged to back up the documents and files of your file system before using the Planner.

How To Install the Personal Project Planner (Planz):

1.    Before installing, please uninstall any previous version of the Personal Project Planner™ on your computer. You can do this by accessing "Start -> All Programs -> Personal Project Planner -> Uninstall". Then choose "Remove Personal Project Planner".

Choose "Remove Personal Project Planner"


2.    Click "Download Now!" button to download  the Personal Project Planner. When Setup Wizard is shown, accept the License Agreement.

Accept License Agreement

3.    Confirm the installation of Microsoft Office and follow the Setup Wizard through the rest of the installation.

Confirm the installation of Microsoft Office

4.    After the installation, please restart your computer. A folder will be created under "Start -> All Programs -> Personal Project Planner", and you will find the readme file and uninstall shortcut here.

Start Personal Project Planner

5.    Also, a  the Personal Project Planner shortcut will be created on Desktop, and you can click it to bring up the Planz Overview window to manage all your projects.

6.    Be sure to share your experiences (thoughts, bug reports, feature requests) on the Tales of PIM forum.

Donwload Planner Installation Package
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